The Curse of Trump, or What is it with American Men and Menstruation?

It’s a curse. No – it’s THE CURSE. And it’s only right and fair that its latest champion should be a red-faced, card-carrying, misogynist porker.

You know what I’m talking about. In 1953 the Rev Chad Varah founded the Samaritans having conducted the funeral of a girl who believed her first period was a real curse incurred for her sins. With no one to confide in, she took her own life.

Last week the idea that Donald Trump may have suggested that his very attractive female inquisitor may be having her period appears to have send the entire American political and media worlds into a joint tailspin.

Apart from being a biological and reproductive inevitability, The Curse is nowadays rarely more than a bore, an inconvenience, a nuisance. It is also an anomaly.

With the evolution of television and film into purveyors of hard-core reality we can now, should we choose to, view all manners of sexual conduct – and misconduct – and every excess of violence, cruelty, bestiality and even murder. But any reference to the harmless monthly discharge of the lining of the womb by the female reproductive system is for some reason still taboo, on and off-screen.

Viewers of the recent French police series The Spiral could see the heroine checking her pants regularly, hoping for signs of blood which would tell her she was not pregnant. This is the real world and nothing was made of it.

But Hollywood seems stuck in an age when men were dusty, dirty cowboys but their women were immaculately dressed and coiffed, even the saloon whores.  For decades the Golden Rule banned a man and a woman being filmed in bed together unless one or both had one foot on the floor. Then we had the hilarity of trains steaming into tunnels and chimneys rising over the horizon.

This has long been replaced by freely writhing bodies – although American women invariably keep their bras on, even in Sex and the City. They can also be mutilated and sexually exploited in every way, and literally covered in blood from multiple stab wounds –  but NOT menstrual blood. No nay never.

And then came The Donald. He didn’t like the questions Republican candidates debate moderator Megyn Kelly was asking him, although she was from Fox News. “So, you know, she gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions”, said the Great Intellectual, “and you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her . . . wherever”, he roared. BANG!

As usual, the attempt to pretend he didn’t say what he said made things worse, especially with Fox on the case. No stone was left unturned to persuade us that the potty-mouthed multi-married billionaire is blissfully unaware of female anatomy and was referring to a, er, nose bleed.

I await with interest Trump’s utterances if he ever gets to debate Hillary Clinton, although I am sure she can easily bloody his nose and more besides.

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