Don’t mentschhhion Free Speech here – we’re a UNIVERSITY!


Since a storm erupted in the teacup that is Oxford University’s Labour club and it is about alleged antisemitism, and since the first victims in such rows tend to be the FACTS, here are a few to be getting on with:

The number of antisemitic incidents in Britain fell by more than a fifth last year compared to 2014. That should be cause for celebration, but not for a community which needs to portray itself as a permanent victim. So the Jewish media chose to highlight the fact that “2015 was still the third worst year on record”.

Figures published by the Community Security Trust (@CST_UK, a charity devoted to alarming the Jewish community and raising funds by doing so), revealed there were 924 incidents of “Jew hatred” last year, 22 per cent down from 1,179 in 2014, following the Gaza conflict. On closer examination, one finds only TWO incidents of serious bodily harm in the entire year.

In London, “A white male with an East European accent attacked a man on a London Underground train. He asked for money and then shouted “f**king Jewish b*****d”,  while punching the man repeatedly in the face. The victim was NOT JEWISH (!) and the offender was dealt with under the Mental Health Act, the CST admitted.

In Manchester, four “visibly Jewish teenagers” were attacked by three white males at a Metrolink station. Antisemitic remarks were made by the offenders, and one of the victims suffered serious head injuries including a fractured skull. Two offenders were sentenced to youth detention.

So the bottom line is that Maureen Lipmann can unpack her bags (again) as can several Times columnists. Antisemitism is a lesser danger than that small earthquake in Chile and living in the UK – as a Jew or otherwise – is considerably safer than being a Jew in Israel and VASTLY safer than being a non-Jew in the Holyland, given that Palestinians get shot dead daily while African refugees get locked up in desert “facilities” until they agree to be deported – or die.

But that’s no reason for sensitive flowers at Oxford not to blanch by Israel being called an Apartheid State (which it now is by any definition) and for unblushing self-publicists like John Mann to demand that heads must roll.

And what of free speech and Academic Freedom? Schhhh…. not at THIS university, matey.



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